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Aside from the conventional desktop computers, we also offer laptops for lease. You can choose from our collection of laptops that varies in color and sizes. If you are on a business trip and need a high-performing laptop to bring with you for a short presentation, then leasing is an excellent option. It is also a great alternative for those who need several laptops for research purposes. 

Other Gadgets

Our Lease Tech division also leases other devices such as tablets and smartphones. All these gadgets are in good condition. If you need to lease smartphones and tablets either for a short or long-term basis, then Lease Tech is your go-to site.


Computer Sets

We provide modern and latest models of computer sets, from the popular Mac PCs to the impressive HP desktops. Lease Tech ensures that you get well-functioning equipment that is worth every penny you spent. Leasing computer sets are ideal for a quick business production that involves working in an office or workstation. 


As part of our web hosting services, our lease tech division can rent dedicated servers for your personal use. This means you lease the entire server; thus, you have full control over it. The leasing of servers is common to those big companies who have huge traffic on daily basis. Our dedicated servers include impressive features, tools, and applications such as data management, web security, unlimited bandwidth, email hosting, file transfer management, and high-performing processor. 

  • Laptops, Desktops, Tabs, Ipads, Macbooks, Servers, Switches etc.

  • ALL brands available.


  • From 3Rd Generation To 7Th Generation Laptop/Desktop Available.


  • Huge Quantity Can Be Provided.


  • 4 Core To 32 Core Servers And Workstations Available.


  • Microsoft SPLA Partner Providing Legal Software's.


  • Pan India Presence With Wide Service Network.
Service We Offer

Our Service Available All Over India

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Long Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals

  • Hire Purchase Options For New And Used Products.

  • Options For Deals Starting From Rs. 1,00,000 inr.


  • Minimal Documentation.


  • Approval Within 1 Day.


  • Flexible Options Like Buyback Or Lease Continuity Or Sell At The End Of Lease.


  • Multi Brand Vendor.


  • Serving Deals Since 1999.

Hire Purchase

  • Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Switches, Ipads, Tab’s.


  • Min 1 Day rental


  • Any quantity


  • Any exhibition halls, Hotels or events across India



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We set ourselves apart from others in this too crowded business by offering quality products and most importantly the service in time, every time. We Rent all IT products for any period, be it for a day or for couple of years, we always invest on latest equipments which are accepted and approved by fortune 500 companies. We being partners for Microsoft offer legal software's at minimal cost even for the shortest duration. Our core strength is support and that is what has made us successful today.


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