Lease Tech (Division of Madhu Infotech) is one of the leading equipment leasing companies in india for a reason. We build strong relationships with our customers that last for decades. At Lease Tech (Division of Madhu Infotech), we pride ourselves on offering lease solutions that help you maximize budget and increase efficiency throughout the equipment lifecycle.

Why Lease Tech ?

✔ 100% original gadgets
✔ Responsive customer support
✔ The cheapest leasing rate in town
✔ Latest computer and technology equipment
✔ Delivers equipment within 24 hours after process completion

Leasing with Lease Tech

Unbiased options and the ability to lease any type of equipment you need
Flexible solutions that can change with your business
Easy ordering process that will save time and trees
Comprehensive disposal plan that includes data security to protect you and your information
Financial Benefits
  • Zero investment.
  • Cash flow problems eased.
  • Always with the latest technology or with right technology with right numbers, no additional expense.
  • Rental charges are 100% deductible as operating expense.
  • No service cost
  • Vendors and equipements can be changed if not satisfied with the deliverables.
  • No Lock in period
  • Variable rental options (only for long term rentals)
  • Consilidated Billing
  • Billing date can be chosen by customer based on there
  • Requiremnts and comforts.
  • Services on Holidays
Technological Benefits
  • Always hire the technology which is requried, we hold stocks of outdated to latest technologies.
  • Any technology can be hired for any period of time.
  • We buy older technologies and provide the latest.
  • Technology will be updated in reqular intervals as required for a fixed rental cost.
  • Highly qualified and trained technical team to support latest equipemtns.